السبت، 7 نوفمبر 2015

Now That You Own a Treadmill, Let's Take Care Of It

As most treadmills are fairly expensive you have probably had to save up quite a while or have a year or two of monthly payments. In order to keep your treadmill running like new, there is some maintenance that you should be doing daily, weekly or monthly depending on its use.

Your upkeep won't take long and it will keep your treadmill running longer and running smoother.

Ok, let's start.

Daily Cleaning

After using your treadmill take a damp cloth and clean up any sweat on the handrails or running deck.
If you have a beverage container on your treadmill, make sure that you wipe up any condensation that may have formed in the container or dripped on the deck.
If your treadmill is in a dusty area be sure to cover it with a sheet or large towel.

Weekly Cleaning

Since dirt and dust can cause premature belt failure be sure to vacuum and dust around the belt and between the belt and the deck.
Wipe down your display console with a mild cleaner and a soft cloth. Often products containing ammonia may discolor the display unit so check your owners manual to see which cleaner they recommend or use plain distilled water. By using a soft cloth and not the paper towel, you can avoid scratching the display.
Wipe down the traction strips, handrails and deck with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Yes, I know that you are also doing some dusting daily, but once a week clean a little more thoroughly.
Vacuum or wipe down the area between the frame and deck and also around your console and the area between the tread belt and the frame.

Monthly Cleaning

For motorized treadmills unplug your treadmill and let it sit for 15 minutes for the electronics to cool. Then remove the motor cover and carefully vacuum or hand clean in the motor area being careful not to actually touch any electronics. You should always check with your owners manual first as with some treadmills, the motor cover should not be removed.
Take a clean dry cloth and slide it between the belt and the tread, gently dust. Then move the belt and repeat again until you have cleaned the underside of the entire belt.
Lubricate your treadmill, where your owners manual suggests.
Feel the drive belt tension and adjust if necessary. Do the same for the tread belt tension.
Also, make sure that the belt is properly aligned and seated correctly.
Check your power cord and belt and look for any fraying or damaged areas.
Check all fuses and replace any that have blown or any that are darkening in color as these will soon blow out.
Check under your treadmill for any dust bunnies, dog chew toys or baby items.
By spending just a few minutes, you will add life to your treadmill
 - and your treadmill will add more life to you!